Dan Rather Reports "Heroes at Home"

Dan Rather Reports “Heroes at Home”

Dan Rather visits Nadia McCaffrey, the mother of Sgt Patrick McCaffrey, California National Guard. Sgt. McCaffrey was reported Killed in Action in Iraq. But His mother tell Dan Rather that she found out her son was ambushed by the Iraqi soldiers he was training and that the U.S. Military covered that story up.
A Father's Mission - NBC Today

A Father’s Mission – NBC Today

American soldiers in Iraq face new and terrible dangers every day. But they are better prepared now then many were at the beginning of the conflict when soldiers searched junkyards to armor their vehicles. Mike Barnicle has the story of a father of a fallen soldier who took it as his mission to press the military to provide more armor for their Humvees.
Chiesi/Galleon - Bloomberg

Chiesi/Galleon – Bloomberg

Later today two of the key defendants in the Galleon Hedge Fund insider trading case will appear in federal court in New York. One of the defendants is Danielle Chiesi, who worked for New Castle Funds and is accused of illegally providing inside information to Galleon Hedge Fund Manager, Raj Rajaratnam, and others. We take a look at the woman behind the scandal.
Guantanamo Prosecutor - CBS Evening News

Guantanamo Prosecutor – CBS Evening News

In hearing in federal court in Washington D.C. today the U.S. government dropped the case of one of the youngest detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison. Mohammed Jawad was a teenager when he was arrested in Afghanistan for throwing a grenade at U.S. forces. It was his case that compelled a military prosecutor to break ranks and follow his conscience. Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan has this exclusive report
Engine 24 Ladder 5 - NBC Today

Engine 24 Ladder 5 – NBC Today

MSNBC Contributor Mike Barnicle has the story of the firehouse where the two firefighters worked at – and it’s legacy of sacrifice NBC News has covered since 1994.
Cutting Diabetes - NBC News

Cutting Diabetes – NBC News

Twenty one million Americans now have diabetes and the number is growing every year. Here we have a story about a cutting edge technique to put Type 2 diabetes into remission. Mika Brzezinski has the story.
Eight Years and Counting - 60 Minutes

Eight Years and Counting – 60 Minutes

Eight years after the Lockerbie Bombing Correspondent Mike Wallace tells the story of the Libyan government’s efforts to end the sanctions against their country. Col. Qaddaffi has hired lawyers – sometimes against U.S. law – in order find a way out of crippling international sanctions. Producer Steve McCarthy interviews Col. Qaddaffi in Libya and he proposes a trial in a country other than the U.S. or Libya. The victims families are interviewed and are against anything other than bringing Qaddaffi to justice himself.
Kokomo - BBC America

Kokomo – BBC America

When it comes to business innovation these days, the cities of America’s Rust Belt do not come quickly to mind. Once hotbeds for manufacturing, these northern towns developed a reputation for skyrocketing unemployment and blighted neighborhoods. But reporter David Brancaccio has been traveling to some downtrodden spots along the rust belt and is finding surprising signs of economic life. Kokomo, Indiana–once written off as one of America’s “worst cities”–is now attracting some major international investments.
NJ Soldier - NBC Today

NJ Soldier – NBC Today

Even as Iraq War combat deaths decrease, the war is still haunting parts of the home front, as the consequences of post traumatic stress disorder – PTSD – spread fresh pain. Newsweek columnist and NBC News contributing correspondent Jonathan Alter on one town’s tragedy.