Finding Paddy: The Story of Captain Patrick Brown FDNY

Finding Paddy: The Story of Captain Patrick Brown FDNY

Filmmaker Steve McCarthy explores the meaning of heroism by discovering the life of his friend, Captain Paddy Brown, NYC’s most decorated fireman who died on 9/11. McCarthy starts with Brown’s incredible acts of heroism, saving people from flames, breathing life into fire victims. Eventually, McCarthy finds a more complicated subtext: Brown’s childhood in an alcoholic home, his abuse by priests, his traumatic tour of duty as a Marine in Vietnam, his string of lovers. Paddy emerges as a classic hero—one profoundly flawed and driven to acts of bravery by complex motives, including a drive for penance, self-destruction, and the creation of his own legacy. Ultimately, Captain Brown seeks inner peace and in the course of that quest touches innumerable lives. At his moment of redemption, he climbs the stairs of the North Tower and dies comforting burn victims on an upper floor.
DC Homicide - Dateline

DC Homicide – Dateline

Produced By: Steve McCarthy The Homicide rate in DC is skyrocketing in 1995. But the case closure rate of the murders is dropping. DC Homicide Detectives are undermanned, outgunned and suffer a lack of witnesses willing to testify. Almost half the murders in the District go unsolved. Detective Carl Gregory and his fellow squad members fight the battle on several fronts.