2020 Election Special: Pennsylvania - PBS Washington Week

2020 Election Special: Pennsylvania – PBS Washington Week

On the eve of the 2020 presidential election, McCarthy Productions, Inc produced stories about the vote in Pennsylvania for a special report of PBS’s Washington Week. Featuring Washington Post Reporter Robert Costa, we traveled through the battleground state and reported a very close race. The stories were edited by Ryan McCarthy, with Ken Spooner on camera, Hilary Taylor Associate Producer and Steve McCarthy as Producer and Director of Photography. Click on image above to watch the Special!
Samsung Corporate Video - Executive Sleep Over - Covenant House

Samsung Corporate Video – Executive Sleep Over – Covenant House

McCarthy Productions Inc. recently produced this content for Samsung about Samsung North America CEO & President Tim Baxter spending a night sleeping out for a Newark NJ Covenant House fundraiser. The project helps raise money and awareness for the problem of homeless youth.
Attack in Garland - 60 Minutes

Attack in Garland – 60 Minutes

Steve McCarthy co-produced the recent 60 Minutes story “Attack in Garland” with producer Graham Messick and correspondent Anderson Cooper. The story disclosed that an undercover FBI agent was right behind the ISIS inspired terrorists as they attempted an attack in Garland Texas in 2015. - Idina Menzel B-roll for USO Press Package – Idina Menzel B-roll for USO Press Package

McCarthy Productions filmed and edited this video for for Idina Menzel’s Holiday press tour. Idina met families of U.S. troops and signed autographs.
Dan Rather Reports "The Road to Damascus"

Dan Rather Reports “The Road to Damascus”

Producer Steve McCarthy travels to Damascus to report on the million Iraqi refugees that have flooded into Syria. 21 year old Joey Shene fled from Basra after insurgents tried to shoot him as he went to work for an American contractor. The Syrian government is overwhelmed with the refugees and is concerned about political instability.
West LA VA - NBC Today

West LA VA – NBC Today

NBC Contributor Jonathan Alter tells the story of a rash of drug overdoses at the nation’s largest Veterans Administration facilities. The problem – the pharmacy is understaffed and began handing out 2 and three weeks supplies of pharmaceuticals.
Voto Latino - PBS

Voto Latino – PBS

Correspondent Lawrence O’Donnell reports on the get out the vote drive of a group called “Voto Latino.” Spanish language radio and social media are having an effect on driving out this fastest growing demographic to vote.
NetBoom 2.0 - Reuters

NetBoom 2.0 – Reuters

This story is part of a multimedia report on the new internet business boom. This time it’s not hardware in Silicon Valley – it’s software in San Francisco. Correspondent Jen Rogers takes us inside a number of startup in the up and coming Warehouse District in San Francisco.
Pickens Plan

Pickens Plan

For one year, McCarthy Productions travelled the U.S. with T. Boone Pickens as he promoted the use of Natural Gas to solve America’s energy issues. We look back on that day as the moment you decided to stand up for America and team up with me to set Americas energy course. view clip     Everyone from Huckabee to Al Gore supports Natural Gas as the way of the future. view clip     Boone met with 28 key officials including President Bill Clinton, Speaker Pelosi, former VP Al Gore, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and Secretary Chu to talk about the Pickens Plan. view clip     Boone turns a homecoming town hall to his alma mater Oklahoma State into a rally of the Pickens Plan faithful. view clip